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2 Habits that will make you mentally strong

   2Habits That Will Make You Mentally Strong 1BE OPEN AND TRUTGUL ABOUT VOUR E;OTIONAL STATE This behavior is so basic that it's quite simple to overlook. You may now be pondering the following: I believe I'm fairly forthcoming with my emotions... Maybe. But I'm willing to guess you're not quite as open about your feelings as you'd like to think, especially the really unpleasant ones. Imagine, for instance, that you and your husband had a heated dispute the night before. One of your coworkers also asks you how you're doing as you arrive at work this morning. You reply, "I'm good," without giving it a second thought. How are you? This is a perfect example of emotional dishonesty. Right about now, you're probably asking yourself: I mean, I'm aware that the argument this morning is the reason I'm not feeling great. Since discussing personal matters at work is generally not suitable, I simply didn't want to say anything about it. Do yo