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on one ls coming to save you

              No One Is Coming to Save You Your parents won't be there to save you. They've done that enough times. possibly never at all. They aren't arriving at this time, regardless. You've all matured. Perhaps not mature, but grown. They must take care of their own affairs. Your closest friend won't be there to help. He will always love you, but he is mired in the same muck as you. Work. Love. Health. remaining sane. The usual, I suppose. You ought to contact him at some point. Yet don't look to him to deliver you Your employer won't come to your aid. Right now, your boss is attempting to conceal her arse. She worries that she might lose her job. She is making a valiant effort to keep the team together. She cares for you, but there isn't enough time for her to intervene. Not even your high school teacher will intervene to help you. She made an effort to outfit you as well as she could because you were always her favorite. She couldn't reach you o